The Monarch Group of PA LLC, through a Strategic Partnership Agreement with Multus Medical, is able to provide 3-Dimensional renderings of MRI's to patients and doctors. Multus Medical is a medical software company providing cutting edge, patented 3D demonstration renderings of MRI scans & patient specific surgical animation videos.

Multus' software takes 2D DICOM slices and transforms them into anatomically accurate 3D demonstration renderings of the spine, knee, shoulder and brain. Abnormalities are now able to be viewed and easily understood.

This is done by using patented technology to ‘stack’ the highly detailed, thin slice, cross-sectional images from the MRI data to create a 3-Dimensional digital model of the desired anatomy.

Our 3D renderings and surgical animation videos provide a competitive advantage that will increase the value of any personal injury settlement.

Using patented technology, we utilize the highly detailed cross-sectional images from the MRI data to create three-dimensional digital models of the desired anatomy. The result? An easily digestible animated illustration of the patient’s injury for demonstration purposes.

The cross-sectional images from the scan data are organized, reviewed, and structures of interest are segmented to construct three-dimensional surface models of the anatomy. After we process the MRI images, you are left with a clean package full of photos, videos, an interactive viewer and additional documentation that clearly demonstrate positive MRI Results.

3D MRI and Surgical Animation Renderings can only be performed on patients with Motor Vehicle Insurance, Worker's Comp. Insurance and Self-Pay arrangements.

3D Renderings

Lumbar Spine

Surgical Animations

Cervical Disc Replacement

Colorized Film Illustrations


Physician Ordered
Becomes part of the Medical Claim/Expense


3-Dimensional Renderings, Surgical Animations, Colorized Film Illustrations, and 3-Dimensional Side-by-Side Comparisons are provided by Multus Medical. 3D Demonstrations, Captured Key Images and the Interactive 3D Viewer are service portals accessible by pre-approved positive MRI scans through the Monarch Group of PA, serviced by Multus Medical. 


Case Results Utilizing 3D MRI's


Side-by-Side Comparison

Compares patients prior MRI study to current study to show exacerbation of injury.


3D MRI Renderings can be done from ANY disc, from ANY MRI Center, located ANYWHERE in the country



“I am amazed at how well the 3D rendering and animation of my client’s injury was brought to life. Many of us have sat through presentations or in depositions when medical professionals try to explain the nature of a subtle injury to the spine. Some of us attorneys and I trust many insurance professionals may not have been top in biology and anatomy class. These 3D animations bring any viewer to the A+ level with one click. You can literally see the injury with narration detailing the findings. Very impressive.”

- Bryan Schiller, Esq. | Schiller Law

“Rear-end Epidural injection case with approximately $50k in meds. Initial offer was $60k from MetLife. Sent MRI to Multus to have 3D Renderings completed and was able to negotiate the pain management settlement to full value at $120k. Of course, the 3D rendering enabled me to pinpoint the exact area where my client was having symptomology and I used these renderings throughout negotiation.”

- Brian Riley, Esq. | Morgan & Morgan

"Bottom line, Multus Medical allows you to show and tell the jury why your client’s injuries are permanent and why your client is still in pain even years after the car accident or fall. What more do you need?"

- Brian Crockett, Esq. | Crockett Law