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Accuracy Counts.

When choosing a provider of diagnostic imaging, we know that accurate results are critically important.  That's why we re-centered our entire focus around the following pledge:

1) The right staff: Our technologists specialize in patient care, with expert ability to obtain the best images possible. Whether it is using advanced techniques to capture images, following customized sequences to meet a particular physician's request, carefully positioning a patient's body, or helping a patient who is anxious or claustrophobic, our staff will go the extra mile. We commit to excellence in staffing and patient care.


2) The right technology: The crispness of an image, aided by regular preventative maintenance on our equipment and key upgrades, enables our physician radiologists to identify signs of injury or disease and provide a thorough interpretation.  Insurers, physicians, chiropractors, lawyers and specialists frequently prefer higher grade diagnostic equipment, such as our 1.5T MRI, because the image quality is superior.  We commit to excellence in imaging technology.

3) The right reports: Treatment decisions are made after your medical provider reviews your report.  We tailor reports to support special requests, specific notations on a study, and for providers who are looking for certain detailed informationWe offer a double-read service for high-risk studies ensuring each question is resolved before treatment decisions are made.  We commit to excellence in radiology.

We focus on getting everything right because accuracy counts.

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